Worship Central Academy

STC Sheffield has been partnering with the Worship Central Academy since 2014, developing worship pastors to serve the local church through a mixture of teaching, discipleship, practical workshops, and offering the students the opportunity to put it all into practice on Sundays in the context of a local church.

What is it?

The UK Academy is a programme for those wishing to pursue a call to worship leadership in the local church, lasting the duration of an academic year. This runs in partnership with a number of churches in different locations, including STC Sheffield, each of which will be where students are based on a weekly basis - serving and leading as part of the team there. Then throughout the year, there will be a number of occasions for students to come together for input from the Worship Central team.

What does it involve?

Students on the Academy program through STC College will receive teaching and discipleship on a wide range of subjects on Tuesdays and Thursdays via the Form ministry stream. In addition to this, you will be actively involved in the worship life of STC Sheffield - being invested in, serving and leading worship.

Each term, Worship Central will host an Academy Training Day where all students involved in the programme across the UK will come together for the day. These times are designed to invest in you and teach into various topics and issues relevant to your development as future worship pastors.

You’ll also be placed in monthly online learning hubs, lead by a tutor with worship pastor experience. In these groups, you'll journey through many topics during the year, as well as be set a number of assignments to complete.

Worship Central’s ‘The Week’ (a 5 day intensive retreat for worship leaders and pastors) will be a key part of the year, and students will also be involved in hosting the annual Worship Central Global Conference.

Who’s Involved

Teaching will be provided by a wide range of leaders, theologians and songwriters from both the Worship Central network and STC College team, including...


Becca Staniforth

Worship Director
STC Sheffield


Luke Hellebronth

Global Leader
Worship Central


As part of the STC College, the Worship Central Academy is based at STC Sheffield, in the North of England. The Worship Central Academy also operates in various other locations. Click here for more information.


Fees for the Worship Central Academy in Sheffield are £1,500 for the year. This includes all tuition and materials. The fee does not cover living expenses. STC College allows students several days per week to carry out part time work and we also encourage all our students to raise their own support as well.