July 05 2016


Is the course full or part time?

The course is a part-time programme which has some options about what days it is on (see below). Tuesday is the College foundation day, Wednesday is the placement day, Thursday is the ministry stream day and Sunday is when we have the church gatherings.

Do I have to do both the College Foundation Day (Tuesday) and the Ministry Stream day (Thursday)?

You can choose to apply for just the College foundation day if you wish, and then apply for a ministry stream in the following year. If you have already done Form in a previous year (or a suitable equivalent) you can apply for just the ministry stream day.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply online or print out an application form.

How does the application process work?

After we receive your application we will acquire a reference before inviting you for an interview. After the interview has taken place we will let you know if your application has been successful and provide you with all the necessary information.

How do placements work?

On applying to the College you can apply for a placement, which will take place on Wednesdays primarily, but may also have other time commitments. This will place you at the heart of the ministry of St Thomas Crookes. Placements that you can apply for are Kids, Youth, Students, Young Adults, Media, Worship, Eden & Social Action.

Is there an age limit?

Applicants need to be a minimum age of 18.

Do I need to have a degree before applying?

An academic degree is not necessary.

Is STC College accredited?

The STC College is not currently accredited. Upon successful completion of the year, you will receive a STC College graduation certificate.

Do you offer bursaries?

Bursaries are only available for Youth Leadership.  For more information contact us.

Can I apply from overseas?

We are accepting international applications from EEA (European Economic Association) countries. International applications from outside the EEA will require an appropriate visa, such as a Tier 5 volunteer visa.

How much does it cost?

Fees for the STC College are £1250 for Form or Youth Leadership, and £1500 for Worship Central Academy, for the year. This includes all tuition, materials, meals in College time and travel and admissions to special events. It does not cover living expenses or the mission trips.

Why is the Worship Central Academy more expensive than Form and Youth Leadership?

As part of the Worship Central Academy, you will receive training from external teachers from around the country.  Please see the Worship Central Academy page for more information.

Do you provide accommodation?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide accommodation for our students. Upon being accepted into the course, we link up all the students so they can look for a place together if they wish to do so.

What are the mission trip options?

As the year gets underway you will be told about the different options for the mission trips.

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